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Hand Woven Collection
Dinnerware & Serving Collections
Cantaria - White collection with 39 products
Cantaria - White 39 products Best Seller 9  
Cantaria - Greige collection with 41 products
Cantaria - Greige 41 products Best Seller 3  
Cantaria - Ivory collection with 42 products
Cantaria - Ivory 42 products Best Seller 7  
Cantaria - Sheer Blue collection with 41 products
Cantaria - Sheer Blue 41 products Best Seller 2  
Holders collection with 6 products
Holders 6 products    
Flatware collection with 6 products
Flatware 6 products    
Linens - Linho Collection
Glass Collections
Abigail Glass collection with 9 products
Abigail Glass 9 products Best Seller 2  
Peasant Mats
Peasant Mats collection with 15 products
Peasant Mats 15 products    
Bath Collections
March 22, 2022

Skyros Designs Catalog

Skyros Designs® was born in the South where entertaining is a way of life and we design our collections for these simple celebrations. Made in Portugal, our fine, thin stoneware is extremely durable and chip resistant. Our dinnerware and accessories go from freezer to a 500 degree preheated oven and...Read More

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Family, friends and gatherings are the true source of our happiness.  Creating new traditions when we are together is one of life’s simple joys. . Everyone crowding in the kitchen as we prepare a feast and laughter rings through the house are moments we cherish.


Skyros Designs® was born in the South where entertaining is a way...... Read More

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